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Rich Daddy LP "Tha No Time LP" [signed & limited] CD

Rich Daddy LP "Tha No Time LP" [signed & limited] CD

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This is a physical CD. It comes packaged in a jacket Identical to vinyl, only smaller. High quality rigid cardboard printed sleeves with a smooth satin finish. We don't use shrink wrap like almost everybody else, our CD's come in a unique crystal clear bag.

That bag with a copy of "Tha No Time LP" is then signed by Rich Daddy, packaged up and sent directly to you!


IF* this album is released to the public yet or not, has it IN STOCK EXCLUSIVELY, prior to public release. 



Tha No Time LP Tracklist:

1.) A Lil' Faith (featuring Flawda Mane)

2.) Hustle Go Bang

3.) No Time (featuring Flawda Mane

4.) Money Ain't A Thang

5.) Rock n' Roll

6.) Rich Daddy Mane (featuring Flawda Mane)

7.) Papuh Everyday (featuring Flawda Mane)

8.) Tell Em' nun (featuring Flawda Mane)

9.) Windshield

10.) Cakewood Get Rich 


limited to 1100 playuz

Limited [+signed] Edition: 1100 TOTAL RUN

“Tha No Time LP” is one of the first studio albums by the Alligator Papuh Playuz rapper Rich Daddy.“Tha No Time LP” has 10 studio recorded songs. Tha No Time LP" is one of the many albums being released by the Alligator Papuh Playuz rapper Rich Daddy on August 9th, 2023. Rich Daddy says he wrote the entire album in one night, and recorded it the next day. We have been getting a lot of singles from this album late June 2023. The album is receiving a very positive reaction from Alligator Papuh Playuz fans as well as new and existing Alligator Papuh Playuz Spotify playlist curators. Rich Daddy is the same old' Rich Daddy on “Tha No Time LP,” that we all love and expect from Alligator Papuh Playuz projects, but also gets deeper than expected. Flawda Mane has a verse on 5 of the 10 studio tracks from “Tha No Time LP,” bringing a more mature, yet refreshing & familiar Alligator Papuh Playuz vibe to this project. From start to finish “Tha No Time LP,” is an impressive studio release from any freshman artist, let alone an artist dropping several projects on the same day. The originality of Rich Daddy’s work, is always special, but Rich Daddy steps up his game for all his fans and new listeners on “Tha No Time LP,” letting us inside his real life story and helping us get to know more of the real Rich Daddy. Currently the album is available for pre-order on itunes and most of the singles are streaming almost everywhere and also available on itunes.

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