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Rich Daddy LP "God Got Me 4" CD

Rich Daddy LP "God Got Me 4" CD

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This is a physical CD. It comes packaged in a jacket Identical to vinyl, only smaller. High quality rigid cardboard printed sleeves with a smooth satin finish. We don't use shrink wrap like almost everybody else, our CD's come in a unique crystal clear bag.

That bag with a copy of "God Got Me 4" is then packaged up and sent directly to you!


IF* this album is released to the public yet or not, has it IN STOCK EXCLUSIVELY, prior to public release. 

This is a NOT signed and NOT limited


1.) Dope

2.) Keep Me Good

3.) Ain't Tawn' 2 You

4.) Brain Freeze

5.) Do'n Me

6.) Pray 2 God 2

7.) What We Ask

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