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Rich Daddy & Flawda Mane "Zellwood Grown Long Way Frum Home" [signed & limited] CD

Rich Daddy & Flawda Mane "Zellwood Grown Long Way Frum Home" [signed & limited] CD

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**"Zellwood Grown, Long Way Frum Home" by Rich Daddy & Flawda Mane: A New Chapter Begins**

Introducing "Zellwood Grown, Long Way Frum Home," the revolutionary 5th album from Rich Daddy & Flawda Mane. Released on 10/26/2023, this compelling compilation marks their debut outside of the Alligator Papuh Playuz identity, venturing into new territories of storytelling and musical expression. Across 13 tracks, the album navigates through the essence of their roots, challenges, and triumphs, embodying the spirit of resilience and growth.
1.Long Way Frum Home
2. Ya’ll Wuzn’t
3. Zellwood Grown
4. Long Chevy
5. Put U 2 Work
6. Papuh Bad
7. Dream Alive
8. Gett’n Out
9. Havoc
10. Deep up n’ Dem Wood
11. 5000 Degrees
12. Came a Long Way
13. Top Brass
"Zellwood Grown, Long Way Frum Home" is streaming on all your favorite platforms, inviting listeners worldwide to immerse themselves in the duo's latest masterpiece. For those who cherish exclusivity, a signed and limited edition of 1100 copies is available only at, alongside unlimited unsigned editions for the broader fan base.
**Join the Journey:**
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- **Engage and Connect:** Dive into the album's world by sharing your experiences with our hashtags. Which track speaks to you the most? How does the album inspire you?
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**Become Part of Our Legacy:**
By embracing "Zellwood Grown, Long Way Frum Home," you're not just enjoying an album; you're supporting a pivotal moment in rap. This transition from their Alligator Papuh Playuz roots to a more expansive musical narrative showcases Rich Daddy & Flawda Mane's growth as artists and visionaries.
**Your Support Shapes Our Future:**
Engage with us, follow our story, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of rap culture. Your purchases on—be it music or merchandise—fuel our creative journey and ensure the continued evolution of our music.
Welcome to the rich, dynamic world of "Zellwood Grown, Long Way Frum Home." Let's explore the depths of rap together, celebrating the new horizons that Rich Daddy & Flawda Mane are set to conquer.

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