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Flawda Man LP "Rid'n Muzik" [signed & limited]

Flawda Man LP "Rid'n Muzik" [signed & limited]

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**Discover Flawda Mane's Heartfelt Solo Debut on**

Immerse yourself in Flawda Mane's deeply personal journey with his first solo studio album, a powerful homage to his late mother. Released on her birthday, August 9th, 2023, this album is not just a collection of tracks; it's a tribute that resonates with the soulful essence of his roots and the enduring influence of his mother's legacy.

1. Rid’n Muzik
2. Thrill is Gone
3. Everybody Know Me (featuring Rich Daddy)
4. Feel’ Me
5. Beep Beep
6. Ice Cream Cones
7. Diary
8. Poppa Tag (featuring Rich Daddy)
**Limited Edition - A Collector's Gem:**
Own a part of rap history with a signed and limited edition of Flawda Mane's solo album. With only 1100 copies available, this exclusive release offers a tangible piece of the artist's heartfelt tribute to his mother. These signed editions promise to be a treasured item for fans and collectors alike, so urgency is key—once they're sold out, they're gone forever.
**Unlimited and Unsigned - Accessible to All:**
For fans who want to connect with Flawda Mane's music, unlimited unsigned copies of the album are also available. This ensures that every fan has the chance to experience the depth and authenticity of Flawda Mane's solo work.
**Where to Listen and Purchase:**
Flawda Mane's debut solo album is streaming across all major platforms, allowing fans worldwide to dive into his narrative. Digital copies are purchasable on iTunes, and for those desiring the physical experience, both signed and unsigned CDs are exclusively sold at
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- **Support and Celebrate:** By purchasing your copy on and exploring our exclusive merchandise, you're not just buying an album; you're investing in the continuation of heartfelt, meaningful rap. Each sale supports Flawda Mane's ongoing artistic journey, ensuring that the legacy of love and remembrance lives on through music.
**Be Part of Flawda Mane's Solo Legacy:**
Flawda Mane's debut solo album invites listeners to join him on a voyage of reflection, tribute, and raw emotion. This work offers a profound look into his experiences, his losses, and his artistic evolution.
Seize the opportunity to own a piece of this deeply personal project. Head to now to secure your limited edition or unlimited copy of the album and join us in celebrating Flawda Mane's monumental solo debut.

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