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Creekside Blues - Flawda Mane 2nd Solo Album CD (signed + limited)

Creekside Blues - Flawda Mane 2nd Solo Album CD (signed + limited)

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**Introducing "Creekside Blues" by Flawda Mane: A Soulful Journey**
Dive into the deep, reflective waters of "Creekside Blues," Flawda Mane's second solo album, which beautifully intertwines the essence of rap with the soulful nuances of blues. Released on a date filled with profound personal significance, August 9th, 2023, this album commemorates the birthday of Flawda Mane's late mother, who passed away in 2018. "Creekside Blues" is not just an album; it's a tribute, a narrative, and an exploration of depth, resilience, and dedication.
Album Tracklist:
1. Creekside Blues
2. Flawda Mane Workout
3. Head First
4. Searching
5. Hustle Hard
6. Never Sell My Soul
7. Heavy Load (featuring Rich Daddy)
**Limited Edition & Unlimited Access:**
- **Signed and Limited:** For the true collectors and dedicated fans, secure one of the 1100 signed and limited edition copies of "Creekside Blues." This exclusive offer not only provides you with a piece of Flawda Mane's heart but also a rare artifact of rap history.
- **Unlimited Edition:** Additionally, unlimited copies of the album are available for those who wish to immerse themselves in Flawda Mane's soulful rap journey. Each edition, signed or not, invites listeners to explore the depths of "Creekside Blues."
**Where to Listen and Purchase:**
"Creekside Blues" is streaming on almost all major platforms, allowing fans worldwide to partake in Flawda Mane's latest musical offering. For those looking to own a piece of this soulful narrative, digital copies are available for sale on iTunes. Physical CDs, both the exclusive signed editions and the unlimited editions, can be purchased at, where fans can also explore a range of merchandise that resonates with the spirit of Flawda Mane's music.
**Engage with the Movement:**
- **#CreeksideBlues #FlawdaMane #SoulfulRap #NewRapDiscovery #MusicWithMeaning #RapLegacy #SupportTrueArt**
- **Discover and Share:** Use our hashtags to explore "Creekside Blues" and share your experiences. What track speaks to you? How does Flawda Mane's narrative resonate with your own journey?
- **Engage and Support:** Your engagement on social media, whether you're a fan, a curious listener, or even a skeptic, helps propel Flawda Mane's music to new ears. Sharing, commenting, and interacting on platforms not only spreads the word but also strengthens a community of listeners who appreciate the depths of real rap.
- **Purchase and Support:** Visit to secure your copy of "Creekside Blues" and to support Flawda Mane's artistry directly. Your purchases ensure the continuation of genuine, soul-stirring music and the legacy of an artist who pours his heart into every note.
**Join Us on This Soulful Journey:**
"Creekside Blues" is an invitation to experience the world through Flawda Mane's eyes—a world where rap meets soul, where narratives weave through beats, and where music serves as a bridge between memories and hopes. This album is a testament to Flawda Mane's growth as an artist and his dedication to honoring his mother's memory through his craft.
Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support, engagement, and passion for music help keep the legacy of authentic storytelling alive.

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