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Alligator Papuh Playuz LP "Tha Culmination" CD

Alligator Papuh Playuz LP "Tha Culmination" CD

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This was the 1st album from rappers Rich Daddy and Flawda Mane. No other piece of memorabilia will ever be as special as the first album! cop now.

This is a physical CD. It comes packaged in a jacket Identical to vinyl, only smaller. High quality rigid cardboard printed sleeves with a smooth satin finish. We don't use shrink wrap like almost everybody else, our CD's come in a unique crystal clear bag.

That bag with a copy of "Tha Culmination" is then packaged up and sent directly to you!


IF* this album is released to the public yet or not, has it IN STOCK exclusively prior to public release. 



 Tracklist: (slight variation in song/track names from digital stores)

1.) Intro

2.) Shine on Em'

3.) Drivewayz Skit

4.) Long Drivewayz

5.) Traila Park

6.) Alligator Tails

7.) Karen Skit

8.) Karen on My Lawn

9.) Gave Me A Bag

10.) Pastry Chef

11.) Tha Roof

12.) Overtime

13.) If I Was You

14.) Gator Drip



“Tha Culmination” was the first studio album by The Alligator Papuh Playuz. Flawda Mane produced every single instrumental on the Alligator Papuh Playuz debut album. The Playuz say they wrote the entire album from scratch over a few sessions, and then recorded it entirely in one studio session. Rich Daddy performs every hook on every song on “Tha Culmination,” and also has at least one vocal “verse,” on every song on “Tha Culmination.” Flawda Mane also appears for one verse on every song on “Tha Culmination.” “Tha Culmination” has 14 total tracks of which 3 are skits. Tha Culmination has 11 total tracks that are studio song releases. As of July, 2023 the Alligator Papuh Playuz have released 3 music videos from their debut album, “Tha Culmination.” The first official music video was for “Alligator Tailz.” The second official music video was for “Traila Park.” The third official music video was for “Gave Me A Bag.” The Gave Me A Bag official music video received over 9,700 views in its first 3 weeks. The other 2 official music videos which had yet to gain much attention, have since received thousands of views each on the “Cakewood Records” YouTube channel.

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